Global Master of Applied

Business Analytics

Global MABA from US

1 Year in India + 1 Year in USA


The University of Toledo

UToledo is one of the most comprehensive universities in the nation. They offer more than 270 degree programs. They teach real-world skills that prepare you for the competitive, global job market. That prepare you to make a difference in your community. With so many options, you’ll find the right path at UToledo.


The Applied Business Analytics program is designed for individuals who enjoy problem-solving, excel at organizing and finding patterns in data, and are comfortable applying quantitative methods. It is suitable for those who possess skills such as being an organizational wizard, a focused observer who can predict trends, and the ability to interpret complex data. This master’s degree will give you the edge needed to stand out in a digital world where data-driven decision-making is vital for driving results in organizations.

Program Structure
  • The MABA course is a 2 year Full Time Masters Program.
  •  After successful completion of 2 semesters at VSB MMS program students can opt to transfer to University of Toledo. Such students are accepted by University of Toledo, directly into the 2nd year of MABA.
Excellent Career Opportunities

Business analytics is a lucrative career, and demand is growing. Research shows there are substantially more jobs for business analytics experts than there are people to fill them. According to Glassdoor, data scientist is the No. 1 best job in America in 2019. Business analytics graduates are hired as:

  • Computer and information-systems managers
  • Advertising and promotions managers
  • General and operations managers
  • Management analysts
  • Big-data architects
  • Logisticians
  • Data scientists
  • Business data analysts